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Wellbeing Centres is a private healthcare practice that has been established since 2008.

Our first clinic was at Crouch End and we now have clinics in Kentish Town, and Wandsworth.



All our therapists are HCPC registered so you can be confident that you are receiving the best in professional services.





“I went there because of mysterious thigh pain from cycling and it took the therapist only 5 minutes to crack the case! I was so surprised and pleased at the same time. I then had a massage session with another therapist same day and it was simply fantastic. Both seem to be very well trained and highly experienced. Lesson learnt: how good their techniques feel and how tight my leg muscles are.”

James Song

It has been a real relief to find a physiotherapist open during this lockdown period. I have a weekly session on my newly replaced knee joint, and the work is excellent. The physio promotes good infection control procedures as do I so I feel very confident that we are not putting each other at risk. I find the session is a nice mix of hands on work plus use of the massager and machines to bring down the swelling. The rates are reasonable and I trust their advice

Anna Cornish

I had the most excruciating pain in my back it radiated down my leg into the knee. I was unable to get any relief from pain killers or heat. The physio contacted me on the telephone and talked me through a regime of movements and advise. He recommended that I contact my GP re stronger medication. He continued to support me with telephone consultations monitoring my progress and reassuring me that it will improve. There was always an option that if there was no improvement he would offer treatment. I am in isolation due to my age , so needless to say this added to my anxiety. I was scared!! Without my physio's TLC and selfless support I would have had no chance of recovery.

Ann Best


Katarzyna has really helped my journey to recovery! I never imagined to be making such great progress after a month of video consultations with her. Obviously due to COVID-19 the practice is closed, but they have been extremely helpful in providing weekly consultations and giving me the correct exercises for my injuries as I suffered a few... Super kind and friendly, direct and straight to the point with results! Really happy with the way I've been dealt with. Thank you so much!


“Had huge work-related back problems before Christmas, but as of today I’m fully mobile and able to work again. My posture is better and I have in-depth knowledge on prevention and further treatment, thanks to Raj’s help. A highly effective and personal professional, definitely recommended.”

Will Horsman


“Having broken my arm a few months back, I was still in some pain and my arm had stiffened up. I had three sessions with Raj and the treatments have made a considerable improvement to my mobility; also the pain has more or less gone.” 

Maddy Paxman

“I had extreme back pain following a serious illness which triggered an inflammation and ongoing problems in my lower back. I have had physiotherapy elsewhere previously but I was impressed from the start when Raj was easily able to pinpoint exactly where my pain was and devise an appropriate treatment plan. It’s almost a year since I first got ill and I am not quite back to running yet, but I am confident that I will get there, and I am back to work, doing back-bends and have just started dancing again. I highly recommend these guys”

Dianne Sharpe

“I’ve been going to see Raj for the last 5 years whenever necessary, and I have to say he’s a genius! He has helped me with various muscular and joint issues, and has always made things so much better. I have recommended Raj and the Crouch End Physiotherapy centre to family and friends – and they have all thoroughly appreciated Raj’s knowledge, expertise, and helpfulness, as have I! I would recommend Raj and the clinic.To anyone who has any muscular or joint pain, as you won’t find anyone better or more professional.” 

 Melanie Kessler

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