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Types Of Exercise For Back Pain

Back pain has now become a common problem for people now. Several types of research have shown the majority of people in the age group of 35-55 years face the problem of back pain. It can last for a few days to few weeks, but if you are facing back pain for more than 3 months...

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How Can Physio Help With Back Pain?

In this busy life schedule, many people especially the working class are suffering from back pain. This pain can be treated with anti-inflammatory medicines, but it is not a permanent solution. With physiotherapy movement of joints and muscles can be improved which results in pain reduction and improved mobility...

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Signs You Might Need A Physiotherapist

There is a myth that only aged or disables person needs physiotherapy. But the truth is that every person who is suffering from physical pain needs physiotherapy. Physiotherapy focuses on curing the pain of accidents, injuries, or illness by physical methods like movements, exercises, and manual therapy. In less time, it also helps you to recover from an injury...

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